How to Install windows 7 from USB Drive /Pen drive.

Windows 7 Minimum Requirements:
  1. 1GB RAM and 16GB Hard disk space
  2. 1GHZ processor.
  3. Windows 7 iso file.
  4. Pen drive/ usb drive with 4GB space.
  Get a windows 7 DVD with your required Version of Windows 7

Follow the steps given below to install Windows 7 from USB drive.

  1. Insert your USB thumb drive.
  2. Open command prompt. If you are using vista open it with admin rights.
  3. Type diskpart and press enter.
  4. Type list disk.
  5. You will see all the disks connected to your system. If you don’t have any other disk than your Hard disk and pen drive then your pen drive will be Disk . You can guess your pen drive by it’s size also.
  6. If it’s disk 1 then type Select disk 1.
  7. Now before moving ahead take backup of your important data from pen drive as we will have to format the pen drive.
  8. Now go back to CMD and type CLEAN.This will remove partition or volume formatting from the current in-focus disk by zeroing sectors
  9. Type CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY and press Enter. This will create a primary partition of length size and a starting address offset on the current drive.
  10. Type SELECT PARTITION 1 and press Enter.
  11. Type ACTIVE. this will mark the currently selected device as active.
  12. Now type FORMAT FS=NTFS and press Enter.This process may take some time. Wait for this process to end.This will format your USB drive.
  13. Type ASSIGN and press Enter. Then type EXIT .
  14. Now insert your Windows 7 DVD in the DVD drive. I will assume that your DVD drive is at D and USB drive is G. Look in your MY computer to know the drive letters for your PC.
  15. If you have iso file of Windows 7 then you can use this trick to use iso file without burning.
  16. Now open new windows of CMD and navigate to your dvd drive using cmd. If your drive name is d then type D:
  17. Now type CD boot and press enter. Then type bootsect /nt60 H: (H is your usb drive letter).
  18. Now copy all files to your pen drive.
  19. Now the most important step: Reboot your PC and press F2 when the system restarts. This will take you in to BIOS Menu. Under the advanced bios options set the Primary boot device to your Pen drive. Now you are all set to install Windows 7 from USB drive.
Enjoy your Windows 7 and USB that you can use for the computers that done have any CD/ DVD drive.


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