Windows 8 Review- A closer Look.

Windows 8
Finally Microsoft has unvail its brand new OS Windows 8 Developer Preview and allowing everyone to pre test it features and get the feel of it. At Maximus IT we are thrilled to let our reader know all about Windows 8 which just been unleased for testing,

Speed Tests: It’s Faster than windows 7 in almost every way, Firstly the boot time  -Windows 8's boot times were significantly faster than Windows 7's, Microsoft made a big effort in. I would get boot times more comparable to Windows 7, and sometimes it would be fast as testing on Virtual Box. We will wait and see how that changes in a year when the final version come up, but for right now, we're going to assume that this goal of fast boot times is resulting in some pretty hefty speed increases.

On the first startup on my HP Laptop , I had to give the computer a name, choose a Wi-Fi router, and configure settings.  after that it went to do recommended update and security options and by default it allowing programs to use my name, location, and user pictures.

Windows 8 Login Screen
Next step is setting up a Google Chrome and sign into or create a Windows Live account by this way your apps can connect with Microsoft cloud services like SkyDrive storage, Hotmail, and any other connected services you’ve connected—Facebook and twitter and LinkedIn accounts . Once logging in, the new Windows 8 took a couple minutes to prepare my Computer.

When I reboot and start up again, I saw the lock screen image, and next to it is my login screen. Windows 8 Developer Preview have an innovative new option in that is to create a  picture password  in which you touch and swipe parts of an image to log in. very cool yea.

Windows 8 Developer Preview is combined desktop, laptop and tablet operating system, it is designed to go from tablets to big screens, from portable notebooks to big gaming systems and business desktops.

We also tested Windows Phone 7 Metro-style touch interface of live tiles, the Metro programming model for building web apps and native apps that run full screen and share information. Its basically what you use every day on you smart phone making your computing experience similar.

Windows 8 another features is to put two apps on screen side by side, and the traditional Windows desktop for when you need richer apps like the ones we've been using in Windows for years.

Windows 8 interface: You can customise both the image you see on the Windows 8 Lock screen and the details of unread emails and missed instant messages that it shows. And you can pin desktop apps such as Office or Task Manager, and even a link to the desktop, to the Lock screen.You can group tiles together - giving groups a name or leaving them blank - and make any tile single or double width. Just swipe the tile up a little to get the option to change the size, unpin the app or uninstall it completely. You'll be able to do that for pre-installed Metro software too (which is what Microsoft is encouraging OEMs to bundle on new Windows 8 PCs).
Windows 8 Log in

As well as moving a tile to a new location by dragging it, you can also drag it up to the top of the screen with one finger and hold it there while you swipe across the screen to get to where you want to drop it - a much easier way of dealing with a long list of tiles. Future builds of Windows 8 will also enable you to pinch to zoom out so you can see all the tiles on screen at once, and rearrange groups at the same time.

Once you launch apps, you can use gestures to arrange them as you do in Nokia N8 or other Smart phones. Swiping from the left switches to the next app, but you can also swipe and drag to put two apps on a screen side by side - and one of those can be the Windows desktop.

Windows 8 Log in
Touch keyboard: Windows 8 has two touch keyboards for ultimate mobility and flexibility. An improved, full-sized touch keyboard with larger buttons and a unique thumb keyboard make it easy to use your computer on the go. Whether you’re walking around or sitting down, it’s more comfortable and natural to type using your thumbs when the keyboard is split.

The touch keyboard in Windows 8 includes several features to speed up your typing and make it more accurate. Improved keyboard technology is designed to minimize inaccurate key strokes while automatically correcting mistyped words without slowing you down. To make typing more efficient, Windows suggests words on screen as you type, allowing you to choose the suggested word with a single tap.

Your apps come with you:When you sign in with your connected Microsoft account to another PC running Windows 8, your Metro  style apps and settings go with you, so it’s just like you’re using your own PC. You’ll also be signed in to all of the websites you were signed in to. Your connected account is like a portable, personal PC that appears on any Windows 8-based PC you’re using. You’re always ready to pick back up where you left off no matter where you are.

Apps can work together: Apps can communicate with each other in Windows 8. So, if you want to send pictures in email, and they’re in different places like Facebook, Flickr, or on your hard drive, you can easily pick and send the ones you want. Windows 8 provides a single view.

Internet Explorer 10: the web by touch Metro style Internet Explorer 10 provides a fast and fluid touch-first browsing experience that’s all about your sites, making them feel increasingly more app-like. With faster performance, leading security protection, more hardware acceleration, and site-ready HTML5 support, IE10 continues to allow developers  to build a richer and more beautiful web.
Windows 8 in Virtual Box

More for power users: If you want to push the limits of your PC experience, we’ve invested in the features most often used by power users. We redesigned Windows Explorer and Task Manager to greatly enhance productivity, and developed new, flexible options for multi-monitor setups.
File management with ease: With enhanced Windows Explorer to make file navigation and common file management tasks straightforward. The ribbon organizes Explorer’s rich functionality, surfacing previously buried features and has new commands like ISO mounting and single-window move or copy. We’ve brought back a long-lost favourite: the Up button. We’ve also introduced a new enhanced copy experience so you can view and manage all of your file operations in one place.

Task Manager: The new Task Manager is your easy-to-use, all-in-one dashboard for monitoring and controlling your PC so you always know what’s going on with it. The information is presented in color-coded tiles to help draw your eye to items that are using the bulk of a resource. You can keep track of your system efficiently and in real-time, taking advantage of summary graphs and detailed information on processes, applications, and history. You can see the services associated with each process on one screen.
Windows 8 Task Manager

Security: Smart Screen filter: SmartScreen is a set of sophisticated technologies to help protect you from malicious websites and programs. Whether you’re downloading or running a new program on the desktop, Smart Screen has you covered. SmartScreen continues to provide protection from phishing and socially engineered malware attacks using URL and application reputation and removes unnecessary warnings for programs and publishers with an established reputation. To add another layer of protection, SmartScreen is now integrated with program launch to screen programs downloaded from the web. It also shows new warnings before higher-risk programs can run and will block known malware.

Windows Defender: To ensure legitimate antimalware protection to all users, Windows 8 provides Windows Defender. It monitors and protects against viruses and other malware in real time and detects and removes malware if your computer becomes infected. With Windows 8, third-party antimalware software becomes even more effective: by loading approved antimalware drivers during the boot process, antimalware software can start from a known good state and continue its vigilant watch over your PC from that point on.

Secured boot: Secured boot stops malware in its tracks and makes Windows 8 significantly more resistant to low-level attacks. Even when a virus has made it onto your PC, Windows will authenticate boot components to prevent any attempt to start malware before the operating system is up and running. If the component isn’t correctly signed by Microsoft, Windows will begin remediation and start the Windows Recovery Environment, which will automatically try to fix your operating system.

Microsoft Windows 8 System Requirements:
  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • Taking advantage of touch input requires a screen that supports multi-touch

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