Optus Telecom company got hacked


Now our own #Optus  got hacked.
#optus is investigating the possible unauthorised access of current and former customers’ information.

Upon discovering this, Optus immediately shut down the attack. Optus is working with the Australian Cyber Security Centre to mitigate any risks to customers. Optus has also notified the Australian Federal Police, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and key regulators.

Up to 3 million users have had all their data stolen, including passport numbers and birth dates. Information which may have been exposed includes customers’ names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, and, for a subset of customers, addresses, ID document numbers such as driver's licence or passport numbers.  Payment detail and account passwords have not been compromised.

Optus #services, including #mobile and home #internet, are not affected, and messages and voice calls have not been compromised. Optus services remain safe to use and operate as per normal.

Customers whos data that got hacked optus is yet to inform individual person.

No technical details on how the hack occuer is not published yet.

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